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SubjectRe: ext2 filesystem corruptions back from dead? 2.4.0-test11
On Thursday November 23, wrote:
> Guys, could you try to reproduce it with the following:

Well, I tried.... but it didn't go real well.

I build a 2 drive raid5 array (the script goes on to 3,4,5,6,7 drive
arrays), ran mkfs, mounted, ran "hdparm -t" on /dev/md0, ran bonnie.
So far so good.

Then I ran "dbench 20".

This produced lots of errors.

The first few were :

(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT9/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT11/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT2/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT8/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT5/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
...(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT18/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT4/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT19/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
....(11810) open CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__S31.VAL failed for handle 4247 (Permission denied)
(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT10/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
..(11846) open CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/COURSES.VAL failed for handle 4251 (Permission denied)
(11855) nb_close: handle 4247 was not open
(11858) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__S31.VAL failed (Operation not permitted)
.(11864) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__S31.DB failed (Operation not permitted)
.(11810) open CLIENTS/CLIENT8/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__S31.VAL failed for handle 4247 (Permission denied)
..(3012) unlink CLIENTS/CLIENT3/~DMTMP/ACCESS/FASTENER.LDB failed (Operation not permitted)
(11928) open CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__3F2C4.DB failed for handle 4259 (Permission denied)
(11935) nb_write: handle 4259 was not open size=2048 ofs=2048
(11940) nb_stat: CLIENTS/CLIENT0/~DMTMP/PARADOX/__3F2C4.DB wrong size 2048 4096

So it looks pretty sick.
After a reboot I tried some simple experiments. Watch what happened.

cage # echo hello > /afile
cage # > /afile
cage # echo there > /afile
bash: /afile: Permission denied
cage # echo hello > /bfile
cage # echo there > /bfile
cage # echo all >> /bfile
bash: /bfile: Permission denied
cage # echo > /cfile
cage # echo > /cfile
cage # echo xx > /cfile
bash: /cfile: Permission denied
cage # cat /vmlinuz > /dfile
cage # cat /vmlinuz > /dfile
cage # cat /vmlinuz >> /dfile
bash: /dfile: Permission denied
cage #

(all run as root).

It looks like extending a file is not allowed any more.

This is with 2.4.0-test11 plus assorted patches to knfsd (which should
be totally irrelevant) and raid5 (Which should not affect ext2), plus
your patch, which applied cleanly.

I'll try with a clean test11 plus your patches in the morning, but it
doesn't look good.


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