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Subjecttest11: lockup when reading /proc/ide/hde/identify

I think I found a bug in the IDE subsystem. When I do 'cat
/proc/ide/hde/identify', the system locks up completely, not
even Alt+RysRq+B helps. Everything else under /proc/ide works.
hdparm can cause the same symptoms, but I have not checked
when exactly it does so.

I have an Asus A7V mainboard with VIA 82C686A as first IDE
controller and an onboard Promise PDC20265 as second IDE
Both have a Fujitsu MPF3204AT as their primary master drive,
but the problem occurs only on the Promise adapter.

I have tried kernel 2.4.0-test11-pre6, test11-ac2 and
ide.2.4.0-t11.1120, all with the same result, but I did not
try any older kernels, because I installed the machine
just two days ago.

Arnd <><

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