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SubjectRe: [NEW DRIVER] firestream
Peter Samuelson wrote:

> > +int loopback = 0;
> > +int fs_debug = 0;
> > +struct fs_dev *fs_boards = NULL;

> Aside from the 'static' issue already mentioned, these should be left
> uninitialized. ('gcc -fassume-bss-zero' would be nice, but then again
> in userspace it rarely matters.)

Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback.

Actually, I have an opinion on this matter: If the initialization
value doesn't really matter that much, I like leave out the
initialization, as you suggest.

However, if my code assumes that the compiler needs to initialize the
variable one way or another, I want to put in the initialization, even
if that means an "= 0;" which is already the default.

This is a form of documentation.


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