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SubjectRe: include conventions /usr/include/linux/sys ?
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> I suggested include/kernel and include/arch with include/linux and
> include/asm being reserved for the kernel interfaces (ioctl and their
> structures mostly.)

That sounds good. One other refinement I would like to see is that
architecture specific but always present header files don't get used
directly in architecture-independant .c flies. Some common examples of
this are <asm/io.h> and <asm/uaccess.h> The problem is that often there
is some code that is identical between some or all of the archs. Then
one of two things happen:
* The code gets duplicated in many *.h files with all the bad things that
comde duplication causes - especially since they're all under seperate
* We have a big ugly conversion like what happened with 'asm/spinlock.h' ->

If we only have arch-independant *.c files only include things out of
<kernel/*> (which may, of course, include things in <arch/*>) we can
avoid these conversions in the future and promote code reuse between the

Also we should probably consider implementing a reasonalbe hierarchy to
the proposed <kernel/*.h> directory - for instance <kernel/bus/pci.h>.

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