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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test11 + ALSA 0.6pre1 version is OOPSing
On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 02:49:27 +0100, 
Frank van de Pol <> wrote:
>After upgrade to 2.4.0-test11 my copy of ALSA 0.6pre1 (cvs version) stopped
>working (causing OOPS on module load of snd-card-sbawe). I reverted back to
>2.4.0-test10 and verified that the problem does not exist in that version.
>Could any of the changes between 2.4.0-test10 and 2.4.0-test11 cause this

2.4.0-test11 incorrectly handles module initialization when the
userspace struct module is smaller than the kernel struct module.

Index: 0-test11-pre6.1/kernel/module.c
--- 0-test11-pre6.1/kernel/module.c Wed, 08 Nov 2000 11:52:15 +1100 kaos (linux-2.4/j/28_module.c 644)
+++ 0-test11-pre6.1(w)/kernel/module.c Thu, 23 Nov 2000 10:22:26 +1100 kaos (linux-2.4/j/28_module.c 644)
@@ -480,7 +480,9 @@ sys_init_module(const char *name_user, s

/* Ok, that's about all the sanity we can stomach; copy the rest. */

- if (copy_from_user(mod+1, mod_user+1, mod->size-sizeof(*mod))) {
+ if (copy_from_user((char *)mod+mod_user_size,
+ (char *)mod_user+mod_user_size,
+ mod->size-mod_user_size)) {
error = -EFAULT;
goto err3;

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