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SubjectRe: linux-2.2.18-pre19 asm/delay.h problem?
On Wed, 22 Nov 2000 around 10:57:53 +0100, Rogier Wolff wrote:

> .... Inside a #if 0. This question keeps on popping up, and people
> seem to be able to grep for definitions of stuff well enough. Then
> near the definition you can explain this. It's a form of documenting
> this "trick"...
> #if 0
> /* Note: This definition is not for real. The idea about __bad_udelay is
> that you get a compile-time error if you call udelay with a number of
> microseconds that is too large for udelay. There is mdelay if you need
> delays on the order of miliseconds. Please update the places where
> udelay is called with this large constant!
> If you change the #if 0 to #if 1, the stuff you're trying to compile will
> compile, but you'll crash your system when it's used.
> */
> #define __bad_udelay() panic("Udelay called with too large a constant")
> #endif

I want to bed that somebody will post a "fix" which will patch
the #if 0 to 1. :)

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