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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.0test11-ac1
> APICs (probably due to the fact there was no standalone I/O APIC chip
> available at that time) so CPUs report no APIC flag. And it starts in the
> PIC mode as opposed to the Virtual Wire. I may send you his bootstrap log
> if you want to (but not today -- I don't have it handy).

Ok. That means my check is over zealous.

> Could you please tell me what these broken boards report in MP-tables
> when there is no APIC? Maybe we could find a way to distinguish them.
> All 82489DX-based boards I've met report 0x1 as the APIC revision (I don't
> think there are higher 82489DX revisions).

I think it reports 1.1 apics from memory. Its simply hardcoded in the bios
rather than the configurable flash area.

The following change should make all of this work

if(vendor!=INTEL && !has_apic)
/* No SMP */

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