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> > Daniel Stone
> > Linux Kernel Developer
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> If you were, you'd have written something that makes sense.

Touche. I didn't claim to be a Linus, but I have got a few things in the
kernel (sb16 driver, netfilter). Plus you can't ask much when I've gone 5
days without sleep just studying. Better than being kicked out of #Linux
(Undernet) for trolling, though.

> 1. my OOM killer *always* spits out a message when it kills
> something

3 other people have pointed this out to me.

> 2. you haven't written what kernel version you're using;
> judging from your lack of error messages you're running
> 2.2 (which has the nasty habit of killing processes under
> heavy load ... I have a patch out which fixes that)


Daniel Stone
Linux Kernel Developer

Version: 3.1
G!>CS d s++:- a---- C++ ULS++++$>B P---- L+++>++++ E+(joe)>+++ W++ N->++ !o
K? w++(--) O---- M- V-- PS+++ PE- Y PGP>++ t--- 5-- X- R- tv-(!) b+++ DI+++
D+ G e->++ h!(+) r+(%) y? UF++
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