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On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Daniel Stone wrote:

> I've been having a bit of a problem with Rik's new VM, in particular the bad
> process-killer. Basically put, I have a reasonably underpowered system
> (P166) running Helix GNOME & Sawfish, and half the time when I load my Eterm
> (admittedly, transparent, but it looks cool, damnit!), or Netscape (or
> both!) it seems to be Rik's VM killer slaying them. No error message is
> logged anywhere, not even if I start 'em from the console.

> Daniel Stone
> Linux Kernel Developer

If you were, you'd have written something that makes sense.

1. my OOM killer *always* spits out a message when it kills
2. you haven't written what kernel version you're using;
judging from your lack of error messages you're running
2.2 (which has the nasty habit of killing processes under
heavy load ... I have a patch out which fixes that)


Hollywood goes for world dumbination,
Trailer at 11.

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