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SubjectProblems with Olicom OC-3136/3137 (rev 2) and RedHat 7.0
I seem to be having a problem with dropped packets using Olicom's
driver v 1.37 in the linux 2.2.16-22 kernel. The system is a Dell
Poweredge 2400 server with 2 CPUs. The rest of the ring is Olicom
microchannel cards on NCR UNIX. These are running with an MTU of 4088
as opposed to linux' 2000.

Has anyone run into problems using these cards (or even successes)?

I'd like to try increasing the MTU to match the rest of the hosts to
see if this helps, since the packets I can sniff seem to be mostly
frags. Unfortunately, the current MAX mtu compiled into the driver is
in the neigbourhood of 3200.

The driver sets the max MTU so that the data and overhead fit in a
single page (according to the comments). Can I increase this simply by
changing the buffer size, or are there complications when the sku goes
over 1 page?
Tony Lill, Tony.Lill@AJLC.Waterloo.ON.CA
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