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SubjectRe: [NEW DRIVER] firestream
>>>>> "Rogier" == Rogier Wolff <> writes:

Rogier> Mitchell Blank Jr wrote:
>> First, I'd like to make a couple points about driver style that I'm
>> trying to move towards with the ATM drivers. You're free to take
>> them or leave them, but I want to eventually move the tree in this
>> direction. * I don't like header files that define the registers
>> of the chip - since the header file is only included in the
>> driver's .c file you might as well just put the definitions there
>> (unless, of course, there is good reason to think that the
>> registers will be used in multiple drivers - unlikely in this case)
>> Having a seperate header file just serves to hamper searching
>> around the driver and cluttering the directory.

Rogier> I disagree vehemently.

Rogier> The header file should have 'static things' that for example a
Rogier> competing driver for the same chip could also use. The "driver
Rogier> defines" should theoretically be in a separate file. This
Rogier> rarely happens.

I guess this boils down to personal preference, I like to stick
register definitions in a seperate file as well.

I think the most important issue is when doing header files to make
sure they go with the driver code and not in include/linux unless
there really is a reason to expose them to user space. No reason to
export register definitions for Ethernet cards down there.

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