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SubjectRe: kernel-2.4.0-test11 crashed again; this time i send you the Oops-message

[Neil Brown]
> In drivers/md/Makefile, swap the order of "raid5.o xor.o" to be
> "xor.o raid5.o", recompile, install, reboot.

Don't forget the part about adding a comment saying that xor.c does in
fact need to come before raid5.c. This is the part that most likely
will not happen, so that two months from now nobody will remember it
and eventually it will trip us up again.

That's one of the things that our infamous LINK_FIRST infrastructure
would have done: pointed out special cases automatically so that even
*without* a comment people would look at it and immediately know "there
is *something* link-order-dependent here". Oh well.

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