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SubjectRe: Abit VP6 HPT370 support?
Date writes:

> On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Michael J. Dikkema wrote:
> > Does Linux 2.4pre support the raid controller on the abit vp6? The kernel
> > says it supports the 370, but it doesn't mention raid. I was confused as
> > to if there was a difference or not.
> I have a standalone card with the HPT370 chipset doing RAID fine.
> Or at least did until one of the drives died within an hour of using it.
> This was drive failure, not the card though. Whilst it was working,
> it seemed to be working fine. :)
> > Also, OT, does anyone know if the controller is managed through hardware
> > or through software?
> The packaging / manual for this card suggests that its hardware based.
> If it isn't, it's extremely misleading.

There is an article about it in the current c't magazine which states
the RAID is done by the board's BIOS, but is not better than software
raid. I don't have the magazine at hand, so I can't go into detail.


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