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>>>>> "Robert" == rml  <> writes:

Robert> i dont want to revisit the flame fest (at all, please) but it
Robert> seems i have been using a kernel that successfully compiled
Robert> under RedHat 7's gcc snapshot (2.96). i normally use
Robert> gcc-2.91.66 for everything (mv kgcc gcc) but just synced my
Robert> system with rawhide, so the gcc/kgcc pair is back on my system
Robert> and i forgot. so i recompiled to test11 yesterday, and:


Robert> the odd thing is, not only did it compile, but my machine has
Robert> been up for a day with heavy use in X with a full-featured
Robert> kernel! not only no OOPSs, but no bugs!

Just keep in mind that 'seems to run fine' doesn't clearly show cases
like something in the signal handling code got miscompiled for a
special case or a bit error in the file system code. You could be
lucky, it might also show itself as more frequent crashes later etc.

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