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SubjectRe: beware of dead string constants

[I wrote]
> > > void foo (void)
> > > {
> > > if (0)
> > > printk(KERN_INFO "bar");
> > > }
> > >

[J . A . Magallon]
> Is it related to opt level ? -O3 does auto-inlining and -O2 does not
> (discovered that here, auto inlining in kernel trashes the cache...)

See for yourself. 'gcc -S' is most helpful. The above generates a
string constant "bar\0" for all optimization levels.

Jakub Jelinek claims to have fixed this particular bug in the last week
or so, although I have not downloaded and compiled recent CVS to verify
this. (Didn't someone at some point have a cgi frontend to
CVS-snapshot 'gcc -S'? I can't find it now.)

There is a similar case of scoped 'static' variables, like 'bar' here:

extern void baz (int *);
void foo (void)
if (0) {
static int bar[1024]; /* useless 4096-byte hole in bss */

and according to Jeff Law, this case is *not* fixed yet.

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