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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.0test11-ac1
Alan Cox wrote:
> Change Log
> o Cleanup console_verbose() dunplication

include/linux/kernel.h: if we are adding new inlines to kernel headers,
they should be 'static inline'..

> o 3c503 error return cleanup
> o 8390 seperate tx timeout path
> o Acenic update
> o Network driver check/request region fixes
> o Epic100 update

dhinds seemed to question the epic100 fix which is enclosed in
CONFIG_CARDBUS... also I have a big endian fix for epic100 in my local

The change to hp-plus is totally unnecessary and backwards...
[un]load_8390_module is null, has been for a while. A bombing run was
made recently through most drivers to -remove- the now-null calls to

> o Tulip crash fix on weird eeproms

Hopefully an update with this and more will be out this week.


Jeff Garzik |
Building 1024 | The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense
MandrakeSoft | -- Picasso
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