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SubjectRE: NVdriver-problem with 2.4.0-test11
Umm what worked for me was to do the following :

change the following line in os-interface.c (Part of NVIDIA_kernel package):
symbol_value = get_module_symbol(NV_MODULE_NAME, symbol_name);
to :
symbol_value = inter_module_get_request(NV_MODULE_NAME, symbol_name);

and then remove the following lines which appear after the above lines :


Now there may be something else that needs changing, but after doing the
above, the driver loaded up fine as did XFree86.


> From: Vitali Lieder [mailto:vitali@physik.TU-Berlin.DE]
> Hallo!
> With new 2.4.0-test11 kernel i have the problem with NVdriver-0.95:
> depmod: *** unresolved symbols in
> /lib/modules/2.4.0-test11/video/NVdriver
> /lib/modules/2.4.0-test11/video/Nvdriver:unresolved symbol in
> put_module_symbol
> /lib/modules/2.4.0-test11/video/NVdriver:unresolved symbol in
> get_module_symbol
> Please, could you explain me, how i can find in patch the
> #define's lines
> with this symbols, that was cleaned from kernel, so that i
> can place that
> lines by myself in future.
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