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SubjectCall for Papers - 2001 FREENIX Annual Technical Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS- 2001 FREENIX annual conference, Boston, MA.

NOTE: Summary submission deadline is Monday, November 27.

FREENIX is a special track within the USENIX Annual Technical
Conference. USENIX encourages the exchange of information and
technologies between the commercial UNIX products and the free software
world as well as among the various free operating system alternatives.

FREENIX is the showcase for the latest developments and interesting
software applications in a form that is being freely distributed. The
FREENIX forum include APACHE, FreeBSD, GNOME, GNU, KDE, Linux, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, Samba and more. The FREENIX track attempts to cover the full
range of software that is freely distributable in source code form and
provides pointers to where the code can be found on the internet.

We are looking for talks which advance the state of the art of freely
distributable software or otherwise provide useful information to those
faced with deploying (and selling) free software in the field.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Operating System design
* Network design and implementation
* Filesystem design
* Highly available systems
* Highly scalable systems
* Graphical user interface tools
* Desktop metaphors
* File and print systems
* System management tools
* Securtity
* Large scale system management
* Interesting deployments of free software
* How free software is bveing developed and managed today

Interesting applications of freely redistributable software might
include: robotics and automation, clustering, wearable computers,
embedded systems, high-speed networking, studio graphics, and audio

Cash prizes will be awarded for the best paper and the best paper by a

For instructions on how to submit a paper, please see the instructions
at the URL above.
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