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SubjectRe: Defective Red Hat Distribution poorly represents Linux

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, David Riley wrote:

> Horst von Brand wrote:
> >
> > So what? My former machine ran fine with Win95/WinNT. Linux wouldn't even
> > end booting the kernel. Reason: P/100 was running at 120Mhz. Fixed that, no
> > trouble for years. Not the only case of WinXX running (apparently?) fine
> > on broken/misconfigured hardware I've seen, mind you.
> This is something I've noticed as well...
> Windoze is not the only OS to handle bad hardware better than Linux. On
> my Mac, I had a bad DIMM that worked fine on the MacOS side, but kept
> causing random bus-type errors in Linux. Same as when I accidentally
> (long story) overclocked the bus on the CPU. I think that more
> tolerance for faulty hardware (more than just poorly programmed BIOS or
> chipsets with known bugs) is something that might be worth looking into.
> I'm sure it would solve problems like this (which I clearly identify as
> a hardware problem, because the same thing happened with the bad DIMM,
> the overclocked bus, and two different overclocked processors (AMD 5x86
> and AMD K6-2 500) and went away when I remedied the offending problem).
> Additionally, overclockers (I myself am a reformed one) might appreciate
> more tolerance for such things.

Hmmm... The more an O/S wait stupidly for something when it could do
useful work, the less it is likely to trigger hardware problems.

Windoze is probably still far better that Linux at handling billions
dollars. I never noticed it was good at anything else. :-)

> My two cents/pence/centavos/local tiny currency denomination,
> David


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