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SubjectRe: RAID Benchmarking
On Tuesday November 21, wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to know , how to Benchmark the performance of
> RAID.Is there any tool for benchmarking?

It all depends on what you want to measure.
If you want to measure "how well will this work for me", then you need
a tool that generates a load that has similar characteristics to the
load that you are likely to impose on the system.

If that is large single threaded sequential reads or sequential
writes, then bonnie is a pretty good tool. However, this isn't a very
typical load for me.

I have been using bonnie and dbench which can be found at

I have heard that iozone is pretty good too, though I haven't tried it

If you are looking at software raid5 in 2.4, you might like to look at

which has a number of neat graphs and links to some patches that make
raid5 in 2.4 much faster.

You might also like to look at Gary Murakami's page at

particularly if you are thinking IDE raid.

Hope this helps.

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