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Subject2.2.18pre22: ppa_fail(3) from ppa_wait at line 319
With 2.2.18pre22 I get a lot of scsidisk I/O errors on my parallel port

All pervious versions of 2.2.18pre worked fine. The problem is 100%
reproducible and occurs
after a long period of inactivity (10 or more minutes)

compiled with #define PPA_DEBUG 1 I get:

ppa_fail(3) from ppa_wait at line 319

if you need more information please contact me directly as I am not on
the list

the following partial reversal patch seems to help (but I am not sure it
is correct):

--- ppa.c.2.2.18pre22 Mon Nov 20 16:54:36 2000
+++ ppa.c Mon Nov 20 16:54:54 2000
@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@
/* Now check to see if the drive is ready to comunicate */
- r = ppa_wait(host_no); /* need ppa_wait() - PJC */
+ r = (r_str(ppb) & 0xf0);
/* If not, drop back down to the scheduler and wait a timer tick
if (!(r & 0x80))
return 0;


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