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SubjectRe: run level 1, login takes too long, 2.4.X vs. 2.2.X
Hi David,

Yup, I know rpc.portmap isn't running, the point is that it wasn't running on either
2.2.17 or 2.4.X. Isn't run level 1 supposed to only be the bare minimum of running
processes, a few kernel processes, init and getty. No network services...

What's changed in the kernel to elicit this behavior?

Is there a better "faster" way to get root access at run level 1 w/o login & passwd
on 2.4.X?

No it's not an everyday occurance, but I was impatiently thinking the sytem had
locked up and rebooted a couple of times, so it got me wondering why 2.2.X and
2.4.X differ in this basic behavior.


David Ford wrote:
> rpc.portmap isn't running, your login configuration/nss requires yp or something provided ans an RPC.
> -d
> "M.H.VanLeeuwen" wrote:
> > I had occasion to "telinit 1" today and found that it took a long time
> > to login after root passwd was entered. this doesn't happen with 2.2.X
> > kernels.
> >
> > Is this to be expected with the 2.4 series kernels? or a bug?
> >
> > Martin
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