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Subject[PATCH] 36 bit MTRRs (fix for some big memory machines)
Hi, Linus!

Will you consider applying the following patchset? You will find it at

I know that you like plain text patches inlined in the mail
but I do not know how to get pine to inline the (plain text)

Here is the README from the package:

This patchset contains fixes and enhancements for mtrr.c, the patches are
against 2.4.0-test11-pre5 and should be applied in the following

1. mtrr-vs-new-cpuid.diff
This is David Wragg's 36 bit MTRR patch (so big memory machines
do not slow down) updated for HPA's new CPUID code.

2. mtrr-x86-64.diff
This allows the AMD Hammer to use its 40 (or more) bits wide MTRRs
using the phyical address width query feature.

3. mtrr-sizefix.diff
This fixes a problem: do not allow wider base/size parameters
than the arch could handle. (E.g. my PIII happily accepted and
MTRR entry with 4GB size starting at 64 GB - since the base was
correctly masked, the result was a 4GB MTRR starting at 0.

4. mtrr-page.diff
David's patch changed mtrr.c's internal functions to pass the
base and size parameters in page granular units.
This patch exposes this feature in the kernel,
providing mtrr_add_page() and mtrr_del_page().

5. mtrr-proc.diff
This enables setting MTRRs above 4GB through /proc/mtrr.
(To achieve this, I had to add simple_strtoull() to lib/vsprintf.c.)

6. mtrr-ioctl.diff
This enables setting MTRRs above 4GB through ioctls.

It is very likely that if you leave out one patch, the next ones will
not apply. (There will be rejects.)

I discussed these changes with David Wragg, he blessed it. :-)

Three notes, though:

This patchset was tested on Athlon, PPro (by David Wragg), dual PIII and
dual Celeron machines. (by me)

Patch #3 tries to correctly handle those CPUs where the MTRRs/ARRs/MCRs
are 32 bit wide.

Patch #5 _required_ 64 bit arithmetics, but egcs-1.1.2 seems to
handle this correctly.

Zoltan Boszormenyi <>

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