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SubjectFloating point emulation problem
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<P>Dear List,</P>
<P>I am running kernel 2.2.5-15. I am trying to calculate sin(0.9), and it crashes on a 386 board with no f/p hardware. The message I get is:</P>
<P>"Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 7f3c0070......"</P>
<P>The interesting thing is sin(0.8) works fine. On a Pentium the program executes fine for all values.</P>
<P>I tried in 2 different 386 boards, and I get the same problem. The program was compiled on R.H.6.0, and "libm" was present on the 386. I even linked the program statically to eliminate any library dependencies. </P>
<P>This seems like a common problem, and easy to reproduce. Anybody had the same experience?</P>
<P>please reply to <A href=""></A></P>
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