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SubjectRe: select() bug
I guess in theory, you're right, though if a write() could succeed,
shouldn't select() say that it would?

And this assumes you're calling select() with a timeout. In Apache,
the caretaker process wakes up periodically and polls the pipe with a
timeout of zero. If it gets back the pipe is not writable, it kills
the process. With this false negative situation, this is a bad thing.

Alan Cox wrote:
> > that are log file handlers are dead. If select() reports it can't
> > write immediately, Apache terminates and restarts the child process,
> > creating unnecessary load on the system.
> Is there anything saying that select has to report ready the instant a byte
> would fit. Certainly its better for performance to reduce the context switch
> rate by encouraging blocking

Paul Marquis

If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?
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