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SubjectRe: PATCH Update hotplug
I'm glad to see the CardBus/PCI and network hotplug
support start happening!

Would you motivate two changes I noticed?

- Changing /sbin/hotplug invocations ... now it can
only support "add" and "del" events. (USB now
uses "add" and "remove", though "remove" doesn't
try to do anything yet.)

This removes the intended flexibility whereby
different subsystems (such as networking) can
define their own events.

- "/sbin/hotplug net ..." replaced by "/sbin/network",
with two custom event types.

The original intent of /sbin/hotplug was to centralize all
the hotplug-related dispatching, addressing both the module
selection/loading problem and device config/setup aspects
of device setup.

By creating another hotplug command (/sbin/network) you're
starting down what seems a slippery slope, where there's
no longer a single dispatch point to enable/disable or
to debug from. Why discard the, err, "conceptual unity"
of one access point for usermode hotplug policy agents?

- Dave

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