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SubjectRe: PATCH Update hotplug
David Brownell wrote:
> - Changing /sbin/hotplug invocations ... now it can
> only support "add" and "del" events. (USB now
> uses "add" and "remove", though "remove" doesn't
> try to do anything yet.)
> This removes the intended flexibility whereby
> different subsystems (such as networking) can
> define their own events.

Wrong. Different subsystems -do- define their own events. However,
different subsystems should use the same verbs for the same actions. We
need consistency where possible.

> - "/sbin/hotplug net ..." replaced by "/sbin/network",
> with two custom event types.

Hotplug device insertion and network interface addition/removal are two
fundamentally different things. Further, my code purposefully does not
wrap CONFIG_HOTPLUG around the /sbin/network code, because /sbin/network
has utility outside the domain of hotplug.


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