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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Large "clipped" IDE disk support for 2.4 when using old BIOS

> > > This patch is not good...[snip]
> >
> > Please retest with hdc=...
> Ok, I've booted without the parameter, and without the jumper on
> clipping mode (I'll do it tommorow, it's 1AM now) got something
> similiar to what you've written, and everything looks ok.

Great, so it worked.

# Since it worked, please discard my message I sent you to wait.

> Now it reports 90069839 - one sector less. Any damage risk to
> my filesystems?

Hmm, that will be trouble if you access that last sector. I'll
take a look at it after I came back from my work (It's 8AM now
and got to go to work :-).

Taisuke Yamada <>
PGP fingerprint = 6B 57 1B ED 65 4C 7D AE 57 1B 49 A7 F7 C8 23 46
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