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SubjectRe: What is 2.4.0-test10: md1 has overlapping physical units with md2!
On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 03:39:43AM -0800, George Garvey wrote:
> Is this something to be concerned about? It sounds like a disaster waiting
> to happen from the message. This is on 2 systems (with similar disk setups
> [same other than size]).

Nothing to worry. (I got worried also when I saw it the first time)

> Nov 18 16:31:02 mwg kernel: md: serializing resync,
md0 has overlapping physical units with md2!

It is perhaps poorly worded -- multiple MD "devices" using
same physical devices, although they are not on overlapped
partitions, do get that message.

It means simply that if those two were running reconstruction
simultaneously, they would cause seeking back&forth over the
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