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SubjectRe: sunhme.c patch for new PCI interface (UNTESTED)
Albert D. Cahalan <> writes:
>PCI is certainly hot-plug hardware, but not on common desktop PCs.
>Since PCI is so popular and so often not hot-plug, users should
>not be forced to have hot-plug PCI support when they only need
>hot-plug SCSI, etc.

>Obvious hack: __pciinit, __pciexit, __pciinitdata...

Yes, as I mentioned in a previous discussion, sometime after
2.4.0, I would like to see CONFIG_HOTPLUG replaced with CONFIG_PCI_HOTPLUG
with __pci{init,exit}{,data}, and CONFIG_USB_HOTPLUG with
__usb{init,exit}{,data} and likewise for other busses, since these
facilities are completely independent, and there are reasons for
wanting to compile in one facility compiled in and not the others,
and it would make drivers self-document which hotplug facility
is the reason why something should be marked as __dev{init,exit}{,data}.

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