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SubjectRe: How to add a drive to DMA black list?
At 11:26 17/11/2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > drive problem, considering that another ide drive on the same controller
> > works fine with DMA enabled (a QUANTUM TRB850A) while the Conner
> > Peripherals 1275MB - CFS1275A fails with DMA enabled. They are in fact
> both
>And the Conner drives work fine on a VIA MVP3 it seems. You need to try
>the drive with multiple controllers to be sure its not a PIIX bug that only
>trips on that drive (or indeed a bug in the combination)

I have now tried the drive (which is actually a seagate drive but it
identifies itself as a conner) on my new Promise ATA-100 controller and the
drive works fine with DMA enabled. So you were quite right, it's the PIIX
driver/tuning which kills it.


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