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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test11-pre7: isapnp hang
> Reading from port 0x313 (my ISA NE2000 is at 0x300-0x31f) hangs my
> machine dead. Unfortunately, reading from that port is exactly what
> the isapnp code does on boot, if compiled into the kernel.
> Is it the network card's fault (probably), or is there a less invasive
> probe that isapnp could use (unlikely, I guess)?

That shouldnt be possible - we are supposed to start at 0x203 and skip the
problem area.

static int isapnp_next_rdp(void)
int rdp = isapnp_rdp;
while (rdp <= 0x3ff) {
if (!check_region(rdp, 1)) {
isapnp_rdp = rdp;
return 0;
rdp += RDP_STEP;
* We cannot use NE2000 probe spaces for ISAPnP or we
* will lock up machines.
if(rdp >= 0x280 && rdp <= 0x380)
return -1;

If you can find out why that port is being touched I'd like to know

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