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SubjectRe: RFC: "SubmittingPatches" text
Alan Cox wrote:
> Maybe also note that maintainers of given modules are much more likely to
> give feedback than Linus, also the [PATCH]: convention


Should a submitter CC Linus or linux-kernel on the patch before having
gotten approval from a maintainer?

I'd say DO CC Linux-kernel, don't CC Linus.

Otherwise Linus may get a patch that he doesn't know if it violates
the essential ideas behind some vague driver. And the message with it
could say: "As suggested by <driver-author>".

If Linux-kernel and the driver-author don't have any objections to the
patch, send it to Linus and the driver author, keeping Linux-kernel
out of the loop, this time with a note:

"Linus: Reviewed by <driver-author> and Linux-kernel,
please apply".

Note that Linus will not have read the previous discussion, so some of
the ideas of the patch may have to be repeated....

This is the way I'd like things to work. Feel free to disagree, and
try to convince me why it's wrong....


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