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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pcmcia event thread. (fwd)

> said:
> > Umm.. Linus drivers dont appear to be SMP safe on unload
> AFAIK, no kernel threads are currently SMP safe on unload. However,
> the PCMCIA thread would be safe with the patch below, and we could fairly
> easily convert the others to use up_and_exit() once it's available.
> Anyone using PCMCIA or CardBus with 2.4, even if you have a non-CardBus
> i82365 or TCIC controller for which the driver was disabled in test11-pre5,
> please could you test this? Especially if you have TCIC, in fact, because
> it's already been tested successfully on yenta and i82365.

Thanx a lot, it fixed problems with my i82365.

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