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Subjecttest11pre6: incorrect makefile change

This toplevel Makefile change in 11pre6 is wrong:

- $(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) -o scripts/split-include scripts/split-include.c
+ $(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) -I$(HPATH) -o scripts/split-include scripts/split-include.c

Many people have proposed this patch over the last few years, to kludge
around having a broken setup. Basically, split-include.c is a regular
userspace program so if you can't compile it (without the -I), you
won't be able to compile the rest of userspace either.

Either you need the proper kernel directory symlinks in /usr/include/*,
or you need to make a copy of them like Debian does.

Linus, please revert. Not only is it conceptually wrong, it will do
interesting things if you happen to be cross-compiling for another

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