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SubjectRe: Freeze on FPU exception with Athlon
In article <>,
=?iso-8859-1?q?Markus=20Schoder?= <> wrote:
>The following small program (linked against glibc 2.1.3) reliably
>freezes my system (Athlon Thunderbird CPU) with at least kernels
>2.4.0-test10 and 2.4.0-test11-pre5. Even the SysRq keys do not work
>after the freeze.
>Older kernels (e.g. 2.3.40) seem to work. Any Ideas?

It certainly doesn't happen for me on any of the machines I work with,
but it wouldn't compile as-is for me, so I exchanged the FPU setting
with a simpler

asm("fldcw %0": :"m" (0));

which should do the equivalent (ie unmask divide by zero errors). Does
that make a difference for you?

Can you try to figure out where it started happening? Ie try test9 and
back too, to figure out what might be bringing it on...

I sure as hell hope this isn't an Athlon issue. Can other people try
the test-program and see if we have a pattern (ie "it happens only on
Athlons", or "Linus is on drugs and it happens for everybody else").


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