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SubjectRe: RFC: "SubmittingPatches" text

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> To create a patch for a single file, it is often sufficient to do:
> SRCTREE=/usr/src/linux
> MYFILE=drivers/net/mydriver.c
> cp $MYFILE $MYFILE.orig
> vi $MYFILE # make your change
> diff -u $MYFILE.orig $MYFILE > /tmp/patch

One question comes to my mind: Are patches supposed to be applied with
patch -p0 or patch -p1?

AFAIU, the preferred way is -p1, but the above example would need -p0, if
I'm not mistaken. So that'ld make it harder than necessary to collect
patches and then apply the whole set, which seems to be Linus' preferred


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