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SubjectVFS Kernel Panic in 2.4.0-10(11)

This is probably a configuration mismatch of some kind, but I just
finished building my 2.4.0 RPM skeletons and am installting them from
our latest CD burn, and I am seeing the following
problem when I upgrade our 2.2.17 kernel versions with 2.4.0-test10,
then reboot them under 2.4:

request_module[block-major-3]: Root fs not mounted
VFS cannot open root device "301" or 03:01
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01.

The system was running Ute-Linux under 2.2.17 then was upgraded to
2.4.0-10 (with IPVS and pre-11 patches).
The disk is a 20GB device with

/dev/hda1 Linux (/,/boot) at
/dev/hda2 Extended (contains a swap partition /dev/hda5) at
/dev/hda3 Linux (/usr) at
/dev/hda4 Linux (/archive) at
/dev/hda5 Swap Swap at

Lilo is configured in linear mode. The device it's complaining about is
(03:01) and lilo does append a root=/dev/hda1 statement.

Any ideas?

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