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SubjectRe: VGA PCI IO port reservations
Richard B. Johnson writes:
> It's Intel assembly on Intel machines. It's a hell of a lot more
> readable than AT&T assembly. This stuff has to be set up before you
> have any resources necessary to execute the output of a 'C' compiler,
> so, if you are looking for 'C' syntax, you are out of luck.

Hello Dick!

Come in!

I don't care about what style of assembly it is. Believe it or not,
this may come as a dramatic revelation to you, but not every single
person on this planet knows X86 assembler of any form.

I am one of the lucky people who doesn't have his brain crambed full
of the intracies of such a language. Instead I have my brain full of
ARM assembler instead, which is a hell of a lot more readable than
X86 assembler.

Therefore, you quoting bits of X86 assembler to me is meaningless.

-EAGAIN (try again)
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