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SubjectRe: BUG: isofs broken (2.2 and 2.4)
On Nov 17, wrote:

> > both 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels can't read `real sky' CDs
> Yes. 2.0.38 is OK. I just made a patch that seems to work.
> Harald, could you try
> and report?

works -- sort of:( I've tried both test9 and test10 with your patch
on a PPro200 with 128MB ram and I get the same effects both times:

directory listing seems to be possible (haven't checked data contents yet)
BUT if I try "du /cdrom/" (either using real cdrom device or loopback mount
of my sample isofs image) there seems to be a huge memory leak !

first observation is that "du" is awfuly slow -- it takes ~90 secs real time
and ~60 system cpu secs to "du" through the first ~70 of 106 direcories,
then the 128MB memory are almost used up and the systems starts to
swap heavily. this meory doesn't get freed up even after umount/losetup -d
or whatever -- only reboot "helps"...

I'll attach log files showing output of "free", /proc/meminfo and
output of ALT-SYSREQ-M plus full "ps" output for both -test9 and
-test10 with your patch in the situation when almost all memory
is "gone" (du already killed). hope this helps...

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Harald Koenig, \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
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