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SubjectRE: Re: 2.2.18pre21 - IP kernel level autoconfiguration

The problem seems to be deeper than that. I first encountered the
problem with only bootp compiled in. In my configuration I am not able
to supply kernel parameters on the client which may be why you were
able to get bootp to execute.


> It seem somewhere between 2.2.17 and the current 2.2.18 kernel, IP
> kernel level autoconfiguration has been broken. Upon kernel loading
> the Ethernet card is detected and loaded properly, but the bootp code
> never seems to be executed and mounting the root partion via NFS then
> fails from lack of IP configuration.
> I haven't had any luck tracing down the root of this problem.
> Anyone else experience this problem or have a patch to fix it?


I've the same behavior here:

server kernel : 2.2.17
dhcpd : 2.0b1pl29
client kernel : 2.2.18-21
client cmdline: root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/foo/bar ip=bootp

After some quick tests seem that if you want bootp
you _need_ to compile the client's kernel with _only_ bootp,
if you have also dhcp, it doesn't work :(

Dhcp into kernel is COOL and I hope that someone is
porting on 2.4 ;), doesn't seem that hard

hope this help,

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