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SubjectRe: How to add a drive to DMA black list?
At 10:52 17/11/2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I tried adding the string that is output for the bad drive by hdparm -i
> > into drivers/ide/ide-dma.c::drive_blacklist and
> > drivers/ide/ide-dma.c::bad_dma_drives but the kernel still says that it is
> > using DMA and the kernel hangs after displaying:
>The black list is for drives with problems, not for controller bugs.
>Controller bugs in the Linux code just have to be fixed.

That is obvious. I may be of course wrong, but I would consider this a
drive problem, considering that another ide drive on the same controller
works fine with DMA enabled (a QUANTUM TRB850A) while the Conner
Peripherals 1275MB - CFS1275A fails with DMA enabled. They are in fact both
attached simultaneously to the PIIX controller (on different IDE channels,
both being masters) and one works and the other doesn't... - I should
probably have stated that when posting but I didn't consider it important
at the time (and copying by hand from one screen to another doesn't
encourage copying everything but the essentials...). - Am I missing something?



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