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Subject[patchlet] fix some typos and pathnames in

this fixes some typos and pathnames in pointers from to
files in the Documentation subtree.
Not much, but better than nothing.


--- Documentation/ Sat Nov 18 00:14:01 2000
+++ Documentation/ Fri Nov 17 23:35:47 2000
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
in some special cases. Detailed bug reports from people familiar
with the kernel internals are usually welcomed by the developers
(before submitting bug reports, please read the documents README,
Documentation/oops-tracing.txt in the kernel source).

This option will also make obsoleted drivers available. These are
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
Management" code will be disabled if you say Y here.

See also the files Documentation/smp.tex, Documentation/smp.txt,
- Documentation/IO-APIC.txt, Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt and the
+ Documentation/i386/IO-APIC.txt, Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt and the
SMP-FAQ on the WWW at .

If you don't know what to do here, say N.
@@ -3471,7 +3471,7 @@
The module will be called parport.o. If you have more than one
parallel port and want to specify which port and IRQ to be used by
this driver at module load time, take a look at
- Documentation/networking/parport.txt.
+ Documentation/parport.txt.

If unsure, say Y.

@@ -3614,7 +3614,7 @@
"Sysctl support" below, you can change various aspects of the
behavior of the TCP/IP code by writing to the (virtual) files in
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/*; the options are explained in the file
- Documentation/Networking/ip-sysctl.txt.
+ Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt.

Short answer: say Y.

@@ -4995,7 +4995,7 @@
This is the driver for Compaq Smart Array controllers.
Everyone using these boards should say Y here.
- See "linux/Documentation/cciss.txt" for the current list of
+ See Documentation/cciss.txt for the current list of
boards supported by this driver, and for further information
on the use of this driver.

@@ -13995,7 +13995,7 @@
SGI Visual Workstation on-board audio
Say Y or M if you have an SGI Visual Workstation and you want to
- be able to use its on-board audio. Read Documentation/sound/visws
+ be able to use its on-board audio. Read Documentation/sound/vwsnd
for more info on this driver's capabilities.

Ensoniq Soundscape support

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