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SubjectRe: sunhme.c patch for new PCI interface (UNTESTED)
"Adam J. Richter" wrote:
> Jeff Garzik writes:
> >Are you aware of any hotplug sunhme hardware? If no, don't change it to
> >__devinit...
> Can I have a hot plug PCI bridge card that connects to
> a regular PCI backplane (perhaps as some kind of CardBus docking
> station card)? If so, all PCI drivers should use __dev{init,exit}{,data}.

I am willing to consider adding __devxxx only when other __devxxx
entries already exist.

These conversions to _devxxx are too late in the freeze, and only have
value for isolated cases --which you admit you don't even know exist--.
Linus Rule 1: Don't overdesign. Even if such cases do exist, and this
is a need, it should be addressed some other way.

Your suggestion bloats drivers needlessly for the majority of cases and
I will not be applying any such patches...


Jeff Garzik |
Building 1024 | The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense
MandrakeSoft | -- Picasso
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