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SubjectConfusing comment in reschedule_idle - unlock of runqueue.

This comment is written in head of reschedule_idle, is it really

* This is ugly, but reschedule_idle() is very timing-critical.
* We enter with the runqueue spinlock held, but we might end
* up unlocking it early, so the caller must not unlock the
* runqueue, it's always done by reschedule_idle().
* This function must be inline as anything that saves and restores
* flags has to do so within the same register window on sparc (Anton)
static FASTCALL(void reschedule_idle(struct task_struct * p));

static void reschedule_idle(struct task_struct * p)

If it is then, wake_up_process and schedule_tail are wrong.
But I think not...

spin_unlock_irqrestore(&runqueue_lock, flags);


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