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Subject[PATCH] BTTV radio with non-modular 2.4 kernel
This patch for 2.4.0-test11-pre5 allows the use of the FM radio tuner
on BT848 cards even if the driver is not compiled as a module.

What it does: it adds the boot command line parameter bt848_radio=,
which works exactly like the radio= parameter of the bttv module.

Note: on my system, gtuner does not tune if invoked immediately after
a reboot, so I have to invoke and terminate xawtv first. This problem
appears to be unrelated to this patch, but I though I'd mention it

- Werner

---------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------------

--- linux.orig/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt Tue Sep 5 22:51:14 2000
+++ linux/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt Fri Nov 17 02:21:10 2000
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@
SERIAL Serial support is enabled.
SMP The kernel is an SMP kernel.
SOUND Appropriate sound system support is enabled.
+ V4L Video For Linux support is enabled.
VGA The VGA console has been enabled.
VT Virtual terminal support is enabled.
XT IBM PC/XT MFM hard disk support is enabled.
@@ -115,6 +116,13 @@
Duplex Mode.

bmouse= [HW,MOUSE,PS2] Bus mouse.
+ bt848_radio= [HW,V4L] Enables the FM radio tuners of BT848 cards.
+ This parameter corresponds to the radio= module
+ parameter if the driver is compiled as such, e.g.
+ bt848_radio=1 enables the radio of the first card,
+ bt848_radio=0,1 enables the radio of the second card,
+ etc.

BusLogic= [HW,SCSI]

--- linux.orig/drivers/media/video/bttv-driver.c Thu Nov 16 23:30:02 2000
+++ linux/drivers/media/video/bttv-driver.c Fri Nov 17 02:22:13 2000
@@ -3100,6 +3100,18 @@

+#ifndef MODULE
+static int __init enable_radio(char *str)
+ (void) get_options(str,BTTV_MAX,radio);
+ return 1;
+__setup("bt848_radio=", enable_radio);
+#endif /* not MODULE */
* Local variables:
* c-basic-offset: 8
/ Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /
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