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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pcmcia event thread. (fwd)
On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 01:26:36PM -0800, wrote:
> > Ted, is this true? It would be wonderfull to be able to use i82365 without
> > need for pcmcia_cs...
> > I think in-kernel pcmcia crashing even on simple things *is* critical bug.

It wasn't a critical bug, in the sense that because the i82365 driver
did not work, it was not even offered as a config option. If anything
it was merely a missing feature. And not a critical one, since the
feature was available outside of the kernel.

It is a moot point, since i82365 works with the new patches.

> That was several months ago, and perhaps things have changed. But that
> was I didn't spend time worrying about tracking PCMCIA bug reports;
> there were a non-trivial number of them, and they were mostly of the
> form "doesn't work on XXX hardware", "causes kernel oops on YYYY
> hardware", etc.

Some of these have been resolved, but some remain. They have not been
easy things to decipher since they involve interactions between the
PCI subsystem, PCMCIA, and specific hardware.

-- Dave
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