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SubjectRe: Modprobe local root exploit
On 15 Nov 2000 22:04:47 -0800, 
"H. Peter Anvin" <> wrote:
>No, it's correct, actually, but probably not what you want. It will
>include all letters [A-Za-z], but if a module named "ärlig"...

Trying to sanitise the module name in request_module is the wrong fix
anyway, the kernel can ask for any module name it likes. What it must
not do is treat user supplied input _unchanged_ as a module name.

modutils 2.3.20 (just released) fixes all the known local root
exploits, without kernel changes. However 2.3.20 does nothing about
this problem: "ping6 -I module_name" which lets any user load any
module. That problem exists because the kernel passes user supplied
data unchanged to request_module. The only fix is to add a prefix to
user supplied input (say 'user-interface-') before passing the text to
request_module. This has to be fixed in the higher layers of the
kernel, it cannot be fixed in request_module or modprobe.

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