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On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Ian Grant]
> > In 2.2.x we were able to build a kernel with RAID modules and have it
> > autodetect RAID partitions at boot time - so we could use raid root
> > partitions.
> Really? Funny, because IIRC RAID autodetection does not even exist in
> 2.2.x kernels. Perhaps you are referring to vendor-patched kernels --
> some distributions ship 2.2 kernels with RAID patches applied.

I call the CONFIG_MD_BOOT option a RAID autodetection :)

> > In 2.40 the configuration option CONFIG_AUTODETECT_RAID is explicitly
> > disabled unless at least one RAID module is built into the kernel. I
> > presume there is a good reason for this and that it's not just a
> > mistake.
> What would be the point? Autodetection is only needed for mounting the
> root filesystem. After root is mounted, you can use raidtools.

Please notice the 'filesystem'. I needed to put /boot on a non-RAID
partition, else it was a nogo.

> Peter


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