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SubjectRe: test11-pre5 breaks vmware
On 15 Nov 00 at 12:12, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Also, if a piece of software needs raw CPUID information (unlike the
> "cooked" one provided by recent kernels) it should use
> /dev/cpu/*/cpuid.

There are two problems, first breaking procfs field name for no good reason
(you can name x86 features as 'flags' and amd/cyrix/...
as you named... There is certainly fewer apps which search 'flags'
for AMD feature than apps which search 'flags' for x86 feature;
you can also emulate old flags field by merging all features together,
but I'm not asking for this).

Second problem is that I know no system which has /dev/cpu/*/* file.
Maybe it is just my problem...

But if you could modify cpuid/msr registration interface so that they'll
appear on my /devfs, it would be much nicer. Currently there is only
'microcode' and 'mtrr' in /devfs/cpu, and no 0,1 subdirectories...
Petr Vandrovec

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